1. I’d rather…
    1. Get no comments at all – but I’d hope to at least hear about my blog on Facebook.
    2. Get a book deal – products can come and go like fads, but even a book out of print can be remembered fondly.
    3. Do Facebook Lives – Instagram isn’t me.\

    This is fun! I’ll be back…

  2. Tough questions this time around.

    #1? I hate to say it, but I’d have to say A. I couldn’t do without comments on my blog.

    #2? That’s a toss-up, because as much as I’d love a book deal, I’d also love the income from a line of products.

    #3? Easy. Neither. I don’t do social media… except for blogging.

  3. This was fun question 2 and 3 where hard to answer but I think if I want to be a star tat blogging I would have to say a book deal might help me and instagram stories could be something new and different for me.
    1. A I would love some comments on my blog.
    2. A book deal would be great!
    3. B Never heard of instagram stories I might look into that.

  4. 1. receive comments and get trolled – I can handle trolls. It’s called the block button, hehe.
    2. Get a book deal because that is my ultimate goal. I want to be a published author.
    3. Honestly, I don’t really get either one but I guess I would choose Instagram because I just like Instagram better than Facebook.

    I love these little would you rather? They’re really fun. Thanks so much for hosting #anythinggoes

  5. 1 – Receive a lot of comments and be trolled
    2 – Have my own range of products (no idea what they would be!)
    3 – Facebook lives. Not 100% sure what the difference is to be honest

    Nice bit of fun for a Tuesday evening #AnythingGoes

  6. Oooh tought! Id rather have lots of commets and deal with the trolls! Have my own range of produces and definitely insta stories although if I done any more I think my friends would disown me! 😉 #bloggerClubUK

  7. Oooh toughy! Id rather have lots of commets and deal with the trolls! Have my own range of products and definitely insta stories, although if I done any more I think my friends would disown me! 😉 #bloggerClubUK

  8. 1. I can handle trolls so comment away!
    2. Ooh a book deal – it’ll be 50 Shades of Grey meets Bridget Jones’ Diary!
    3. Hmmm this is a tough one as I don’t have an instagram account and I’m an anonymous blogger… time to get a black cloak and a voice changer for Facebook live!

  9. 1) Get no comments

    2) Own range of products

    3) I”ve just recently got into fb live and have only done one (got no viewers!!) but it’s strangely addictive already.

    Thanks for hosting #BloggerClubUK

  10. I would rather have comments and be trolled, because judging by the comments I get so far I know the good would be worth the bad.

    I would rather have a book deal. I started my blog to write, and so I’d like that to be my product.

    And finally…I don’t know. I hate Instagram with it’s crappy algorithm, and I’m not sure anyone would tune in to me on Live! But probably a Live, I could blag my way through…maybe!


  11. A. I am used to it haha!
    A. I dream of writing a book! Just have to actually get writing it!
    ? I am terrified of Facebook Live and how do I not know what Instagram stories are? I’m so useless!!


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