About Me

Hi everyone, Debbie here :)
me-for-twitterI am 36, female and live in North East England. I recently quit my full time day job to become a full time writer.
I write freelance fiction and articles and I am also an author. Check out my author page on Amazon here.
This blog is my little place to write my random musings as the title implies; thoughts, feelings, ideas, opinions, rants, raves, discussions, debates, pretty much the works. A place to write about anything from my deepest thoughts to light hearted stories from my daily life, anything goes.
You’ll find posts about books, writing, blogging and much more.
I aim to provide people with food for thought and when they leave here, I want them to leave believing that they too can achieve their dreams. I want to spread the message that anyone can be successful and I want everyone who comes here to feel empowered and able to reach their full potential.
The only rule I’m setting myself is to be honest. Write from the heart, and give my true opinion, even if its not the popular opinion. Will people think I’m crazy, irrational, paranoid, or cynical at times?
Probably, but I hope they also MMR Blog Badgesee the other side of me – the dreamy, light hearted and optimistic side. The side that says it’s time to chase the dream.
They will also see the driven, ambitious side that constantly strives for self improvement and growth, and they will see that with determination and the right mind set, they too can achieve whatever they want to.
Overall, I see myself as someone who is fairly rational, a realist, down to earth, and open minded. I take people at face value, and accept them for who they are. We’re all different and it’s our differences that makes the world such an interesting place.
I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it.
You can find me here: Twitter Facebook Bloglovin Pinterest and Instagram Please do stop by and say hi!

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