1. A A B over here! I couldn’t live without my camera. Second question was a hard one – I wish we could have both! And the final question is on my blog bucket list! I should publish that list thinking about it…

  2. 1) B – Slow internet or a bad connection is like…nails on a chalkboard to me.

    2) B – I would rather have something be meaningful than just look good.

    3) I would have to ask how much the sponsored post was offering.

    If it was offering more than the vacation was worth/cost then I guess I would have to go with A.

    If the vacation was worth more than the sponsored post was offering I would go with B.
    *Exception – If the sponsored post was something inappropriate or morally wrong (in my opinion) then I would opt for B.

  3. ABB for me, I’d love a new camera, but I love writing so I would love to be able to write engaging posts. And I’d love a really nice free holiday that the whole family can enjoy. Great questions!

  4. All B’s for me. My internet is super slow and it’s no end of frustrating. And I reeeeally need a holiday.
    Great quiz.

  5. Definitely broadband – having ran out of data this week internet is so useful – couldn’t even order our takeaway lol!!
    To be able to make words come alive and read beautifully would be a dream.
    Holiday every time! #BloggerClubUK

  6. I love this idea!
    #1 – I have a pretty good camera which I’m still learning to use, and I definitely think even the best camera can be limited by the user! So by default I’d go for the broadband.
    #2 – definitely being able to write beautiful posts. For me, I’d much rather read a blog for its content than its looks, so I’d love to have a blog that reflected that.
    #3 – the holiday…as long as my kids could come.

  7. Okay, so for question one: have an amazing camera! I use my iphone and while it takes good photos I really wish I could take better pictures.
    Question two: This one is tough because I want both but I will choose words over photos because I always challenge myself in my writing to be as expressive as possible that gets my point across too.
    Question three: I would definitely choose to review a free holiday. That has much more of an emotional impact on my blog, my readers, and me than any amount of money.
    I love this new series of yours Debbie. This was fun! Can’t wait to do it again! #bloggerclubuk

  8. A A B For me too, although the second question was a tough one! I am pretty happy with my current camera situation and I love to go places with little or no internet/phone connection! (this past weekend we had to hike for 3.5 miles to get some signal and it was bliss! Only did it to check on the cat sitter!)

    What a great idea for a post too 🙂


    • I love that you can be so far away from a signal and not stress out haha! I didn’t used to be this like until it came to the point where making a living often literally depends on having an internet connection!

  9. A ( if I could work out how to upload to the computer..)
    B (words will always win but then where will I put the gorgeous photos I’ve just taken with A? Hmmm)
    B ( I’d take the holiday. Do I have to bring the kids??)

  10. I’d have to choose the camera over the fast broadband. I would much rather have millions of fantastic pictures of my family than super fast internet (having said that, I have the worst patience ever when the internet is slow!)
    I would choose B for both of the other answers. To never have writer’s block again would be amazing and a free holiday would be a dream come true! #BloggerClubUK

  11. B, B, A… I can work with a bog standard camera, but not with pants connection! I get so frustrated!! Words are really what I’m all about, so while sometimes my photography skills underwhelm me, I value the written word much higher… And I guess this is the boring old sensible me coming out, but I feel like writing a post (I’m assuming her as it’s pitted against a holiday that it’d be a fairly well-known brand) has the potential to lead to more opportunities down the line… What a brill set of q’s!! #BloggerClubUK

  12. Douglas Stein

    All Bs – every time!
    And I really need a holiday with 4 kids (although I’d prefer one with just my wife😂)

  13. I think I’m a mixture of these. I love photos but there’s nothing like words to transport a reader and great memories to be made via a holiday. #bloggerclubuk

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