1. Question 1: definitely a post I’m proud of. I didn’t start blogging to be famous so it’s ok if nothing I write ever goes viral.

    2: A again! Laughter is so much more important in the world. Serious posts generally get serious (and sometimes hostile) responses…eepp!

    3) B! Blogging is just a hobby for me, so it’s all good if I don’t make money from it. Just as long as I can write what I feel.

  2. Question One? A post I’m proud of. That one was easy.

    Question Two? That’s a tougher one, but if forced to choose, I’d post humorous stuff all the time.

    Question Three? I suppose it depends on how you’d define “good” money. I know I’m blogging for free and long ago learned to live with it. I knew the rules going in. But I’ve done lots of commercial writing for various clients, so I’m used to writing for money regardless of my own feelings about such projects. Therefore, “selling out” is a concept I learned to deal with long ago as well.

  3. 1. A: I’m concerned with qulity control, mostly because I know my family’s reading. And numbers don’t mean much to me.

    2. A: I tend to avoid too many personal posts and always try to inject a lot of humor, so that’s close to where I am now.

    3. B: I’m not doing this to get paid, though I’m sure I probably could.

  4. 1. Id rather write a post I was proud of, than go viral.
    2. Id rather have fun with my blogging.
    3. I make no real money from my blog so I think I’m doing ok at not selling out.

  5. A1: a post I’m proud of. I think one of the reasons I don’t publish all that much is because I only write when I feel inspired. o’ll only post something I’m happy with. If I’m unsure, then it stays firmly in my drafts.

    2-B but that was tough.
    3-B without a doubt! I find it really tough to write to a schedule, I write when I’m inspired, and I’m not sure a wage would inspire me to post more often. Not for the time being at least. I blog as an outlet.


  6. Interesting questions!
    1. I’m not interested in going viral
    2. I don’t do funny posts, my sense of humour is too weird. I do serious, but not really world serious, they are more personal.
    3. I like to stay true to myself, that’s why I’ve been blogging so long and I’m still not a pro-blogger.

  7. 1a, I don’t think it would go viral if I didn’t think much of it. I think there’s nothing wrong with hilarious or serious posts.3b #anythinggoes

  8. 1. A
    2. A
    3. B

    I’d hate to think something went viral for the wrong reasons but I was a little tourn with question 2. I think I mainly write lighthearted posts but can pen out a serious one when needs be.

    Great idea for a series by the way #anythinggoes

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