1. I would rather:
    Interview a celebrity for my blog.
    Have my blog redesigned by an expert.
    Tough one – perhaps never be able to use that word, although if an expert designed my blog, I probably would have no problems aligning photos?
    Good quiz.

  2. I would rather
    Interview a celebrity for my blog
    Have a professional make over for social media
    Never be able to get images to align

    The third question provided the most difficult choice.

  3. 1) Definitely A.

    2) B, I suppose, but only by default. I hate posing for photos and I don’t do any social media (unless you count blogging itself).

    3. Hm. Tough one. I’d have to say B because I couldn’t imagine dealing with A. Besides, there are some days when I think Blogger hands me the B solution automatically!

  4. Interview a celeb! I’d love that:)

    Have my blog redesigned (I blog anonymously so the make up would be a bit wasted!;)

    Oohhh both would drive me mad but I’d go for not having my pictures aligned:)


  5. If I could grab David Attenborough definitely A. Or Pharell, just because…..well, it’s Pharell. Other than that I’d hit the fun event. Have my blog redesigned because I am completely useless at anything tech. And finally, both of the last questions options would drive me up the wall!

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