1. I did the Treasure Hunt for a very dear friend. We lived in apartments next door to each other in the same building, so I left clues in her apartment, my apartment, where our mailboxes were, in our cellar, and in my car. Each clue was in the form of a rhyme, and each clue was accompanied by a present of varying sizes. Sometimes it was as small as a package of sunflower seeds (she was a sunflower nut), and other times something larger. The final present was a crystal dolphin.

    The spa day idea reminds me of what I call a “Selfish Night.” It’s actually an all-day thing, where one partner does all the housework, cooking, etc., and that’s about all I’m going to relate here…

    Oh, by the way, it is now perfectly legal to slap the hell out of anyone who says “Valentimes Day rather than “Valentine’s Day.”

  2. I’ll be lucky to get a cuppa tbh! Actually no, I may get a card. I hate it too Debbie. Why do we need a day to tell people we love them? Surely we should be doing that everyday? I used to hate it as a teenager too as it’s certainky no fun when your beautiful, blond friend gets 20 cards and I got none! Some fun ideas here though. #anythinggoes

  3. I’m not crazy about valentine’s day either, but we do enjoy the extra date night. (We have date night once a week, and he tells me every day that I’m beautiful and that he loves me 🙂 )

  4. My advice would be not to fall for media and brand hype and to celebrate love your own individual way on this day as much as any other. I wonder if I could persuade the OH of a craft night – I could try! #AnythingGoes

  5. Oh I love the paint balling idea! I’m with you on this Debbie. It isn’t so much the commercialization that bothers me (Christmas and Halloween have become quite commercialized and I still love them) but the spontaneity is gone.I hate that! But I do love to have fun dates like Paint Ball! That sounds like so much fun! I’m doing something fun with my boys this year. They just opened up a new arcade up the road that also has a bowling alley and a restaurant/bar. The kids haven’t been to it yet but I know they will love the new arcade! #anythinggoes

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