1. That’s an awful lot of questions! Congratulations on making it through the list. It’s more info than I’d want to share about myself, though, although I did do something similar three years ago. I did a five-part series of posts, totaling fifty questions, but gave smartass answers for most of the really personal questions.

    Ten to twenty other bloggers, huh? These things are always designed like chain letters.

  2. That is a really in depth questionnaire. Even though I read the answers, it was nice asking them about myself too, even though I don’t think I’d want to share the information online. Specially after I was trolled this morning for what was a tongue-in-cheek blog I’d written! #AnythingGoes

  3. Wow! What a list of questions?! Well done for making it through them All! Haha! It was a great way to find out more about you Debbie, I really enjoyed it 🙂 #AnythingGoes

  4. Nice to get to know a little more about you Debbie! I am super impatient too! isn’t one of my finer qualities but I’m working on it!


  5. Wow there are some interesting questions in there aren’t there! I like getting to know the person behind the blog and it’s been lovely to read through your answers 🙂


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