1. I think Michael had his heart in the right place and I don’t think he’d make a bad boyfriend at all. I think he’s the type to go above and beyond for the people he cares about.
    I didn’t see the article, but I’m sure I’d not agree with some either from the sounds of it!

  2. Ross and Rachel always bothered me. He was too possessive and jealous. They carried it on for too long until I just wanted them to never be together…the finale where they got together irritated me. they have all the same problems but suddenly it’s fairy tale time I guess.

  3. What a great idea for a post! I’d never thought about this until now. I haven’t seen most of these so I can’t comment on them as boyfriends but you are absolutely right about Ross and Rachel.

  4. Oh Chuck Bass. Bestill my beating heart. There was just something about him I absolutely loved! There is still a huge gap in my life now that Gossip Girl is over! Yes he was a bit of a bad ‘un but, those eyes!! 😍 #AnythingGoes

  5. I’ll never get over Joey and Rachel not working out. I’m not even remotely sorry.

    I guess “bad boyfriends” are subjective. I’m going to have to think on this one for a while.

    Have a great week!

  6. The Mummy Bubble

    Love this! Totally agree on Ross, I had never really thought about it much before but he was a real nightmare. Very superior! Haven’t seen many of the others, I really need to try Prison Break! X #bloggerclubuk

  7. I’m right on board with you about Damon! I was always team Damon too. Stephan was too boring for my taste while Damon was rough around the edges but would do anything for Elena. Absolutely! I stopped watching Once Upon a Time but I remember Hook and Emma and I loved their story! The only other characters I know about in this list are Ross and Ted. Yeah, Ted annoyed me too but he wasn’t the reason I watched the show. Allison Hannigan has me as a fan for life because of Buffy and I adore Neil Patrick Harris. Ted wouldn’t be my choice for a life partner. I was on the fence about Ross though because I love him but as I read your take on it, you have a great point! I, personally, always loved Chandler and Monica more but apparently I have an unpopular opinion lol. Thanks so much for this post! I love this one! And I love coming back to your linky #anythinggoes

    • We are like the same person when it comes to this stuff! I still don’t get the people who were team Stefan like just why? I love Allison Hannigan too (thought from American Pie) and Neil Patrick Harris. I loved Monica and Chandler together too – it probably shouldn’t have worked, but it totally did 🙂

  8. Ha! Sorry I don’t know many of these characters except Ross obviously! But this made me laugh because I’ve recently (yes I know I’m late to the party) binge watched Gilmore Girls on Netflix and had a totally indecent crush on Jess, who to me is the ultimate bad boy teen-crush. The fact this still appeals to me probably says ALOT about why I’m still single! Lol!

  9. How the actual HECK do you have time to run a blog where you post pretty much daily, write books AND watch TV? You NEED to teach me your time management skills Debs!! And er how do you watch Once Upon a Time without wanting to shoot yourself? I can’t believe it’s still going. Worst thing I’ve ever watched. Don’t hate me.
    I loved Friends but I don’t watch any of the other series. How do I barely manage to blog even though I also barely watch TV?! #bloggerclubuk

  10. Haha this is brilliant. Completely agree with Ross and Ted. Both annoying, both superior acting and both whingy! You’re totally right about Michael Schofield to (though I didn’t watch the come back series so now I know how that ended…thanks 😉


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