1. You are SO right about characters sometimes doing things that they want to, regardless of our plans for them. I once had a character pretty much write himself into a story of mine, and he made the story so much more interesting!

  2. My characters always do things that I never thought would happen. Like with my vampire story that’s on my blog. I’ve changed a lot of it since then but its because my characters have changed a bit and when I was editing I found myself writing something completely different. It was like I was just the instrument the character used to get his word out. But I was so proud of it! I haven’t killed off a character yet but I have changed something drastic that I held onto for so long and it hurt when I changed it. It was better for the story though but it still hurt. Yep! We writers of fiction are a bunch of weirdos lol!

  3. This is a great post! I would love to write a novel but I don’t think I ever could. I do agree about some of what you say as a reader though. I know the book is well written when the characters stay true to themselves if you know what I mean? I immediately am put off when a character does something I know they wouldn’t?! Keep writing! #anythinggoes

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