1. Some really lovely wedding present ideas. Its nice that they can be made to be so personal to the couple in question. Lovely keepsakes for their special day. #AnythingGoes

  2. Oh, wow. Some good ideas here. My brother’s wedding has just been and gone but my husband is going to a wedding next month and we’re both invited to one next year so I’ll be sure to bookmark the site.


  3. The Mummy Bubble

    I love personalised gifts. I think they’re so fun to give people, they’re something a bit special. My fave here is the waltz picture. So lovely. I’d like one of those for myself! X

  4. These are fab! And some, not just for weddings! I’ve actually struggled to find gifts for two big birthdays coming up this month so this website is ace!
    Thanks for sharing a fab review!


  5. I love these gifts – they are all so unique & thoughtful, I was saying oooo & ahhh as I read along! What’s even better is that the company has a wonderful ethos! Thanks for introducing me to Uncommon Goods!

  6. Oh I really love the wishing wall, I would use this for the kids so they could choose one when they were good! Although I think it would take a very long time for them to pick them all!!!

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