1. I saw a similar quote on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and loved it because I agree with you that it absolutely shows who you are, rather than who they are. I learned this the hard way when I did this to a friend of mine and he pointed this very thing out to me. I was very harsh and because of it, our friendship ended but I learned a very valuable lesson that day, both about him and about myself. Took a lot of soul searching for me to to change this about myself but also to forgive myself for doing something that I never did in the past but for some really bad reasons, I did it to him without realizing the bad choice I had made in the heat of the moment. This quote is a great reminder not to judge others too harshly and it reminds me of the that came from a story in the bible, “Those who live in glass houses should throws stones.” #candidcuddles

  2. Totally. People can be so unkind sometimes…especially to us bloggers when we are opening our souls so much in our writing.
    Being kind doesn’t take as much effort as being judgmental.
    Super post Debs.x

  3. Very true. The way you interact with people is all about you. Never about them. What you criticize in someone else is what you feel you lack in yourself.

  4. I really agree that it doesn’t have to be negative. I read an upsetting post about judging people the other day and the blogger was so right to judge in the way she did. By judging that someone’s actions were barbaric, she defined herself as compassionate and reasonable. We all have our own personal moral code and making judgements is an important part of that.

    • It can be positive, and what you mentioned here is a good example of that.
      What I can’t tolerate is people who judge others negatively with no idea of the situation. Or when they just “decide” something is wrong, for example, judging a parent for co-sleeping because they choose not to.

  5. I agree, it’s so easy these days to judge people we don’t even know on social media. Sometimes people / situations are presented to us practically inviting judgement when we don’t really know anything about the background and reasons behind this situation. It definitely says more about the person judging than the one who is judged. #CandidCuddles

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