1. Oh yes, it’s beyond annoying. It gives multi tasking a bad name. It’s been several years since I’ve worked in a shop. You are right it should be compulsory,I don’t think it’ll help though. People are too wrapped up in themselves. I’ve had fun with a few cashiers eye rolling at people who do this. It’s just rude!!

  2. I’ve definitely been guilty of this Debbie. and I know it’s terrible I always try the apologetic smile and the hang on to the person on the phone! the other problem I have is my children taking all my attention when I’m being served!

    • See I can tolerate it if the person is apologetic, it’s when they think they are so important that the cashier doesn’t matter! I can imagine the children one, and I don’t think it’s rude to try and stop your children running away/adding stuff to your basket etc 🙂

  3. Yes very annoying! Especially when they start gesticulating wildly and the poor person at the till can’t work out what they are trying to say! Xx

  4. I agree completely. I once told someone “I don’t object to cell phones. It’s the way people use them that bothers me.

    I’ve rarely been in a position to complain when someone’s ignoring me, but when I have I just ignore them until they put the phone away, if possible.

  5. I’m seeing a lot of this, too. Yeah, kids make phone calls while in class! Um, no, you’re supposed to be working, not calling Mom to get her to bring you food to school. Seriously.

    I love your response to people. “Important call”. I may have to steal that one.

  6. I have served people without a single word being exchanged. It does make you feel like a non-person or some sort of ‘seen but not heard’ servant. Very very rude! #BloggerClubUK

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