1. I found that you really need to make a fb fan page – BUT fb then wants you to use your personal page for everything – it kind of defeats the purpose just a bit! Belonging to a community like Blogger Club UK really boosts fb interaction (although I’m still not sure what impact it has on my blog overall….)

    • I agree – my page would be much more active if I could use it to like and comment on other blogger’s stuff (I know technically I can but it doesn’t seem to do them any good!). I love the community feel of the groups and I do think they’ve had a positive influence on my blog.

  2. While I’m not a newbie blogger, I am however a social-media newbie. I did have a profiles in most of them but never really did anything with them. I left it to my blog which automatically updated all my social-media accounts whenever I published a new post. But that’s about it and as you can guess had very little interaction in most of them. But not anymore, especially since joining the groups. 😀 Your blog is very informative especially for someone like me. 😀 Thank you! Sorry for the long comment. Xx

  3. I LOVE Facebook. I get 90% of my traffic from it. I highly recommend posting daily, early morning before 10 and between 8.30-10pm. Watch your insights see when your readers are most active, compare them with your analytics to get the best traffic you can. Schedule posts. Engage with your audience, always reply and share your fb posts directly in groups.

  4. On my Everton Football blog Facebook is great. However that’s because I post in all the Everton groups and everyone enjoys reading this content, I think lol. But my DadvWorld blog about my life as a Dad seems to get little love from Facebook. I’m thinking maybe because I’m new but Twitter seems to be my go to media platform lately. Most of the Facebook groups have soooooooo many rules it’s a days job reading them. I always interact and follow them but honestly I’d like people to read my content because they enjoy it, not just because my comment was above theirs in a group. Great post and look forward to joining your groups, be nice!! 🙂

    • Some of the rules are unreal! I like to think our group has a minimal amount of rules and we’re very friendly 🙂 I know what you mean about comment threads, mostly I don’t join them because you can tell the person didn’t really care about what you had to say, I mostly use them for social media. I prefer twitter too and stumble upon, both are fab for traffic

  5. I don’t focus heavily on F personally or for my blog because I don’t like their way of operating, but I do share all of my blog posts and a few other things through the week. Despite how little they usually share my updates (I don’t boost.), I still get 1-3 referrals to my blog from it. I agree with the things you pointed out about engagement. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I still get the majority of my traffic from FB. Its where most of the people that actually know me are made aware of new posts. I’ve found that by posting picures, memes, and other mindless stuff that people are likely to “like”, it tells FB that those people are interested in what the ThirstyDaddy FB is offering and makes it more likely my links end up in their feed

    • I think that’s my down fall, I don’t share my page with personal friends or even tell them I write a blog. I would probably get more likes that way, but I said in the beginning I wasn’t going to do that and even though I’ve given in and started an FB page, I still hold firm on that point. I think I need to start sharing more fun stuff instead of just blog posts

  7. We discussed the benefits of having a page on FB vs. just a personal profile in a FB group I’m in earlier today. There are pros and cons, but basically if you want to do paid marketing, you have to have a page. That’s what finally made me break down. I still haven’t posted anything but a cover and profile photo on it, though!

  8. Facebook is my most engaged social platform for my blog by a long shot and the one I find easiest to get something out of when it comes to my blog – I struggle with Twitter as I just dont enjoy it much, and I like Instagram but dont find it very useful for my blog traffic.
    I find Facebook works best for me when I use it for “mini blogs” rather than just sharing my blog links – it gets me much more engagement xx

    • I love Twitter for my blog, I think everyone has that one network they prefer. I agree about Instagram.
      I love that idea for FB I tend to just share the link and the same sort of information I would put in a tweet. I think I’ll start writing a bit more and see if it tempts people to click, thanks 🙂 x

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