1. Lisa Reimund

    I sell thru EBay at times. I had two rings a gentleman wished to purchase. He messaged me and said his client by mistake sent the entire check with his profit to myself. He informed me he sold them to a man in China. Then he tells me I hope you are honest. The check is for 3500.00! I sold them to him for $925. He tells me to cash it and keep $300 extra for myself. That was a month ago with no check arriving. He continues texting daily telling me not to give up on him.
    Another piece of jewelry was bid on but the buyer did not pay. Now EBay says I owe $80 when I have not received one dime!

  2. Ugh, trying to get any complaints / payments sorted is the worst. Reading the comment above, I’d probably have to go with eBay too – it’s great if you’re buying through them, but they don’t give a damn if you’re selling. Some ‘classics’ that stand out are somebody complaining that the piece of furniture they bought was doll house sized (as the listing said…), and somebody who sent back a size 8 blouse complaining that it couldn’t possibly be a size 8 because she couldn’t get into it!! x #effitfriday

    • I used to love selling on eBay then they changed it until it was all about the buyer and it just isn’t worth the hassle anymore. I love the one about the blouse – how many people are one size in every single clothing range. I vary by three sizes some places! x

  3. I know what you mean and anythibg has to use a computer system you may as well bang your head against a brick wall!
    Swapping other Internet companies with blanket lies about blocking my line as a way to threaten me ahem talk talk and for once sky were really good in helping. #effitfriday

  4. There is a lot I could say about customer service but I won’t because it is just too long!!!!!!!

    So many places and so many things out here have gone wrong so many times. I want to give something back. Nope. I want a call back. Still waiting.

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