1. great post. I know several people that do this often. I’m never sure if they are looking for someone to disagree with them or if they have just become so used to self depreciation that they don’t even notice it anymore. Its sad, regardless

  2. I do this all the time, especially in my blog, but it’s difficult to see the humour in bigging yourself up. My comfort zone is definitely when the joke’s on me and I’m laughing at my own failings. Unfortunately I think some people do think I sound a bit morose though (I have had family members read my posts and then contact my mum to check I’m OK!) You are right about compliments though. I used to think it was modest and polite to say “oh this old thing..” but now I try to just accept the compliment. #effitfriday

  3. Excellent post! Self love is so important and yes, it is so ingrained NOT to accept compliments. I actually get tongue tied when paid a compliment. I like how you turned the whole concept round on its head from seeing from another person’s point of view.

  4. This is me! I’m always putting my self down and can never take a compliment! More recently though I am starting to realise how much I am worth 😍

  5. I used to be horrible at taking a compliment but I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older that it’s ok to like a good compliment and say thank you. Let’s face it if the person giving the compliment is taking the time to put it out there then the least I can do is say thank you and smile. Thanks for hostessing #AnythingGoes! I’ve been out of the loop of linking up.

  6. Janet Cooper

    You make great points as usual – great post (be gracious and accept this compliment, lol) Accepting compliments sometimes embarrasses me but it is nice to get them once in a while! I will certainly be thinking about it more now. #AnythingGoes

  7. It took me a long time to accept myself but I also never put myself down in front of other people. I kept that stuff to myself and am only now talking about how bad my self-esteem actually was but I also had a hard time accepting compliments. I’m in a different place now where I love myself and respect myself enough to not even put myself down to myself. Every time I start to think negative thoughts about myself, I remind myself how far I’ve come and how much I’ve grown and that really helps squash all the negativity. This is such an important post for all of us to read and really take it in. #anythinggoes

  8. I have got better at this as I have got older but living in Holland has helped too. You are definitely right that it is a cultural thing. The Dutch are much better at accepting compliments they just say thanks they don’t do that British thing; ” I like your coat. ” “Oh, this it’s really old.”
    I would say that it starts with the kids who are brought up to have an opinion and give it, not to think adults are always right, so they seem to have more confidence and self worth.

  9. I feel so uplifted after reading this. I am always putting myself down, I am ok at accepting compliments but on the inside I don’t really believe them. It is strange so many of us do this, I don’t really like arrogant people but surely there is a nice little place in the middle? If people compliment my clothes I always say thanks and tell them where it’s from, no idea why I do that!xx #anythinggoes

  10. This is really good advice, Debbie. I can be guilty of not accepting a compliment – someone once said – just say thank you. I think that’s what everyone should do. I don’t know why people feel that they can’t accept a compliment or even put themselves down. We should just say thank you & hold our head high as you say x #AnythingGoes

  11. Katie (Growing Up KaterTot)

    I love this. Your post completely motivated me to start being kinder to myself! My mind is always reeling, and thoughts often enter that are along the lines of “You should have done it THIS way instead!” or “Why did you say/do that?!” I’m very critical of myself, and I have been trying to turn my thoughts down a bit in general. I tend to overthink things, and I think that’s what causes a lot of my self-doubt sometimes. Thanks for this post, Deb. I needed to read this! #AnythingGoes

  12. I am really guilty of this. I pretty much have to preface everything positive thing I say about myself or every achievement with a reason why it’s not as good as it sounds! I am getting better though πŸ™‚ #AnythingGoes

  13. We all need a reminder like this one every now and then. Thank you. We shouldn’t put ourselves down. I read another mums blog who wrote down all the things she did well so as to not focus on the things she didn’t do so well. I thought that was an awesome idea! #AnythingGoes

  14. Ha ha this is so me and you are so right, I am rubbish at taking compliments especially professionally. I won team member of the year in Jan out of a distribution team with more than 200 people in it. Have I sung about it, have I even mentioned it since in reviews or achievements. No. Your post has made me think twice. Thank you for hosting #AnythingGoes xx

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