1. Janet Cooper

    This is a great post, Debbie, thank you for sharing, there are some really useful points here and I love your idea of saving £1 and then treating yourself! The only tip I have is about how you keep track of your goal really. You need to make them accessible at all times so you can reflect on them and remember the outcome – why you set that goal and why it’s so important? I thought I would share what I do myself: I use index cards – I have a notice board above my desk as I work from home. I write my goal on the card, and on the back I write objectives of the steps I will take to reach the overall goal and set deadlines. I keep the cards pinned on my notice board and reflect on them daily. I always enjoy reading your posts and can’t wait for tomorrow’s! 🙂

  2. Fab post I am really struggling to stay motivated recently with regards to loosing weight so this post is a great help. I like the idea of the reward system.

  3. This is a fabulous post and very great but simple tips. I think having support is really important and also a reward system. I am rewarding myself with stationary and other nice things every time I lose 1/2 a stone in weight to keep me motivated in that area of my life. 🙂 Angela

  4. I think staying motivated for long term goals is definitely a tricky thing. I usually break them down into smaller goals that I can reward myself for. And telling people that you are working towards something is also really good for keeping on track!

    • Me too, if I just look at the massive, far off goal I get disheartened, but the little ones are easier to see the end result. Telling people is a great tip. Last year I decided I wanted to go self hosted and I set a date several times then backed out. The third time, I put the date on my blog and all over my Twitter so I couldn’t back down because too many people knew about it!

  5. I totally agree that it’s good to have someone to be accountable too. It’s quite hard to find people that are up for it sometimes though. I’m a massive fan and have found some really good personal develop/motivational things on line this year that have been a little different that I’ve enjoyed doing and hope to stick to. I am being very strict with myself this year #abitofeverything

  6. Amelie

    Great tips! I’m personally a big fan of the reward system – maybe a little too much! I also looooove checklists!
    Amelie xo

  7. What a great post! Something I really needed to read today. It’s easier to stay focused when you break things down into smaller achievable steps and building up patience! Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

  8. This is such a great list of tips, I don’t know about blogging goals but I can see me using these for my work goals too!! Epically like the one of breaking them down :). Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again next week xx

    • Thank you, I’m glad you found them useful 🙂 I think they can be used for goals in all areas. I love breaking things down, I’m so impatient so feeling like I’m getting somewhere quite fast is a big thing for me. Thanks for hosting, I’ll be there 🙂 x

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