1. I liked it, but sometimes I get bored with Anne Rice. Her stories are always very imaginative, but often follow the same structure and can seem interchangeable. The follow up to this book is even shorter, really not much more than a long novella.

  2. I have been reading the same book for two years now…I am not joking. All I read are blogs or my kids books (which make my brain numb) The kids books not the blogs lol. Had to clarify that. I remember reading her vampire series as well and it is where “Interview With A Vampire” was created from right? Or am I thinking of someone else? Thanks for linking with #momsterslink! Hope to see you again tomorrow! πŸ’ŒTrista

    • I couldn’t imagine not being able to read, but when you have kids something has to give! I have found I read less now I blog because I’m reading other blogs too. Yes. Interview with a Vampire is based on an Anne Rice book. Thanks for hosting, I’ll be there!

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