1. jo liddement

    It’s nice to have pretty stationery that you can give as thank you notes and letters and just looks a whole lot nicer than scrappy bits of paper

  2. What’s not to love?! I agree with Jo Liddement – I feel that I have to fight against scraps of paper, daily.
    There is so much variety, for all tastes and budgets and it’s a nice little treat to be given, or to buy yourself, beautiful stationery.
    It’s that crisp, brand new paper smell, space to ramble through our thoughts or to explore new worlds from your imagination and meet a party of previously unknown characters.
    I Love the idea of having my very own personalised notebooks etc…♡
    I hope everyone is having a good day : )

  3. Susan Smith

    There is so much to choose from and its all gorgeous stationary, love the fact the notebooks come in lined or plain paper

  4. I’m going to Blog On in September too. It will also be my first conference, so hopefully I will see you there. Love these notebooks, and I am in need of some more. Going to pop over and take a little look #BloggerClubUK

  5. Jo Carroll

    I think if your stationery looks nice, you want to take care of it and in-turn it makes you think about the best way of using it – so in some ways helps keep your life in order? 😉

  6. Oh my god, I’m obsessed with stationery!!! These notebooks are beautiful, and I’m not afraid to admit I’ve been lusting after customised bits for blogging! V. jealous haha! #BloggerClubUK

  7. Claire glace

    The smell, the neatness, its just so inviting i have a definate thing for stationary since i was little lol x

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