1. There are so many great motivation quotes. Looking forward to seeing which ones you pick for the a to z challenge. This is my second year with the challenge. It’s always a lot of fun. My theme this year will be “Made in Maine”.

  2. Welcome back for another round of April Challenge! Hope the new social media system works well for you.

    My Theme Reveal post will be up in a few more hours.

    Arlee Bird

  3. I love quotes and motivational ones are great. I’ll be checking in and I’m sure I’ll be pinning a few! I’m looking forward to another AtoZ Challenge and reconnecting with those doing it this year.

  4. Hooray for motivation! I love those kinds of images and stuff. Great idea for April.
    The holidays of April is my #AtoZchallenge Theme.
    -Jamie @PenMinion

  5. I love motivational quotes and collect them on pinterest! Curious to see what quotes you’ll have for the ever-challenging letters Q, X or Z! 😀

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